Unique Piece #2

Molcajete Mixto


This piece was created out of exhaustion. I hope you understand that Ahliyah Crafts is a brand that is currently being ran by one person, me, Sandra Ramirez. I love creating new items, but when there are 100 orders and majority of them are similar items it can get a little boring here in the studio. I decided to take a break and worked on this piece. It felt so good getting my mojo back! 

Sometimes we don't allow ourselves to let go of things or don't know how to deal with certain situations. Today in lecture I learned about two Problematic Temperamental Tendencies: internal and external. The one I consider myself under is internal. When I'm faced with ordeals I tend to shut myself from others and pretend like nothing happened. Unfortunately that has its consequences.

In short, this piece isn't only a reflection of my technical art skills, but also a physical item that reflects a transition from being in an unhappy place to a "let's get this shit done" mindset.

Thank you for reading! 

This will go on sale Monday March 25th at 6pm. I will be taking it on a mini tour at my events this weekend (which you can find here) so people can take a closer look. 

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