El Bebe Yoda...and Loteria?? 10 New Face Masks!

That's right! I have finally got my hands on some adorable "Baby Yoda" fabric! If you are an email subscriber reading this on 8/22 by 6pm then congrats! You can purchase one NOW (limited availability. More will be stocked by 8/31). 

Check them out HERE (Available on 8/22 at 6pm PST) Set those alarms :)

Scroll down to view all the new fabric..including a cool LOTERIA print!

Remember...Masks are Buy 3 Get 1 Free! (Exclusions may apply). 

1) Happy Baby Yoda


2) Baby Yoda Moods

3) Colorful Mickey Ears


4) Tsum Tsum

5) DC Chicas


6) Marvel Dudes


7) Dinosaurs


8) Space


9) Beetlejuice...Bettlejuice...BEETLEJUICE


10) Loteria...which card is your favorite?

I hope you like these prints as much as I do! I am also currently working with my seamstress on some Holiday goodies. Definitely something new for Ahliyah Crafts. I should have them ready by the end of September. 

Stay safe out there!



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