This is a page to help you stay informed in hopes it will direct you where you need to go. If you know of a resource please email me at so I can add it here. 

Justice For Breonna Taylor Sign the petition. It takes less than a minute
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Centers for Disease Control
Covid Testing in Los Angeles:

Due to Los Angeles curfew, some test sites may be closed.
"Coming Together: Standing Up Against Racism" Brought to you by Sesame Street and CNN. Saturday June 6th 10am ET


Black Owned Restaurants Thanks to Kat Hong and Talia Mayden
Includes petitions you can sign, info on protests, where to donate, etc
UL*NE Alternatives Packaging supplies
Stream to Donate:
Please read the description for instructions. Donate without any money!

Latinx Parenting: Raising Anti Racist Humans:
June 20 Online workshop. Portion of proceeds donated to 3 social justice orgs
Latinx Therapy:
Street Vendor Emergency Fund